RIX Technologies - developer of Big Data solutions for public sector

RIX Technology

One of the market leading system integrators for public sector
"Clusterpark provided us with a comprehensive software solution for Big Data benchmarking and tests with respect of our content management systems that yielded tons of machine-generated data. Without GOL we would have lost ourselves in irrelevant information overflow!".
Eva Butane, CEO

Ugunssiena - developer of forensics systems for network traffic

Ugunssiena IT

A vendor specializing into computer network and IT systems protection, enterprise IT security and computer forensics
"Clusterpark's GOL complements our cutting-edge Network Traffic Surveillance System (NTSS). When GOL is used along NTSS, our customers can achieve 100% forensics coverage for all their network information flows, events and services. It is a great tool for total visibility of what goes on in our customer IT systems."
Karlis Hirsfelds, CEO

Clusterpoint - developer of NoSQL XML document oriented database


A vendor that develops, distributes and supports the world's fastest XML database: Clusterpoint Server. It is a web-scale operational NoSQL database with built-in enterprise search engine and fault-tolerant cluster software architecture.
"We use GOL extensively as part of our massively scalable XML database platform: Clusterpoint Server. GOL is an excellent application that unifies all logs from all our cluster nodes into a single instantly searchable GOLDB database. We use it for consolidated view, search and navigation across our cluster-wide database infrastructure to spot performance problems, perform system diagnostics and identify cusomer transactions of interest."
Jurgis Orups, CTO