Clusterpark Ltd. is an European software technology company that develops machine-generated (unstructured) data analytics software for log, audit and system events management (SIEM software).

Our flag-ship product is GOL, a log data acquisition, storage, indexing, analysis and search application, that is based on the massively scalable Clusterpoint NoSQL database and enterprise search technology.

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Imprimatur Capital Ltd.

Imprimatur Capital Ltd. invests in innovative technology start-ups sourced from their international network of universities, research institutions, technology incubators and technology entrepreneurs. Imprimatur Capital main areas of interest include digital media, enterprise data management, homeland security, medical technology, biotech, new materials and clean technology. Imprimatur Capital Ltd., headquartered in London and with investment operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the US.

Imprimatur Capital Fund Management, as a partner firm of Imprimatur Capital Ltd. based in Latvia, manages seed and start-up funds with investors including the Latvian Guarantee Agency, other institutional investors and some private investors. Imprimatur Capital Fund Management source investment opportunities primarily from the Baltic/Nordic/Central Europe region.

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